About Luminous Well

Imagine you are in your favourite bit of countryside on a glorious summer’s day. There before you is an old stone well. You lean over looking down into its depths, but all you see is black. You find a pebble, chuck it in but the anticipated “plop” never comes. The well is empty and cold.

Luminous Well is all about learning how to fill your own well so that you can be well. Modern life can drain our reservoir of energy, passion, creativity and joy so that at best we feel content; at worst we feel totally depleted and miserable. By becoming aware of our needs and learning practical tools we can ensure our reservoir is continually replenished.

Our Mission Statement

  • To redefine Wellbeing as the life-long process beginning in childhood of consciously developing habits that ensure our emotional and creative needs are met, empowering us to thrive in an uncertain world.

  • To provide a safe, supportive space for you to discover the tools and cultivate the skills that will enable you to develop your own Wellbeing.

  • To teach you practical tools that will help you cultivate Wellbeing for yourself and your family.